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Perfect for bunk and pull-out beds.

The MOONLIGHT mattress has a slim profile which caters to a multitude of bed frames and sizes, making it especially great for children with pull-out beds, or for putting it on the floor for pre-schoolers to sleep on.  A no-frill, durable latex mattress, Moonlight comprises of a 10cm (4″) thick latex core.

The Coolmax mattress cover uses Heiq Swiss advanced Cooling technology, Adaptive.  Adaptive uses your body’s energy to accelerate moisture wicking, evaporation and cooling. Adaptive keeps the sleeper comfortably cool and dry throughout the night which is essential for recuperative sleep. The efficient moisture transport mechanism also raises the hygiene and durability of mattress and pillows.

The Adaptive®-Coolmax® mattress cover can be easily removed for machine-wash, making it the idea choice for toddlers who are in the potty-training stage.

  • 100% Latex
  • Firm
  • 10cm thickness
  • Washable Coolmax Zip Cover
  • Made in Belgium

Available sizes:
- +/- 190 x 90 x 10 cm (single)
- +/- 190 x 106 x 10 cm (super single)

- +/- 200 x 90 x 18 cm (european single)

Benefits of Sofzsleep® Latex Mattress

 Keeping Your Spine In Its Natural Alignment

The natural elasticity of latex makes a latex mattress the perfect solution for people suffering from backache. It conforms nicely to your body contours, providing support to the body and back and prevents the spine from curving beyond its natural state which can lead to backaches. Latex has an open cell structure made up of millions of tiny interconnecting microscopic cells that makes it highly resilient, maintaining its shape and consistency for many years.

Pressure Distribution

A latex mattress offers outstanding pressure distribution far more superior than other types of mattresses. Natural latex mattresses reduce peak body pressure and distribute pressure more evenly in comparison to memory foam mattresses across various sleeping postures.

Sleeping on a Sofzsleep® mattress is like being supported by millions of little microscopic springs – for every part of your body. Due to the absence of interconnected springs, latex mattresses has great motion isolation characteristics, reducing the likelihood of being disturbed by your partner. Movement on one side of the mattress does not transfer to the other, so you are not disturbed by any external motion.

Pressure Point Relief

Another important attribute that makes natural latex mattresses better for people with backache is its ability to relieve pressure points. Studies has shown natural latex mattresses are in fact equally as effective as memory foam mattresses in relieving pressure points in addition to having better spine support and pressure distribution.

Joint Study With NUS

Sofzsleep® has teamed up with National University of Health Sciences to analyse the effects on mattress materials on sleep quality, with a conclusion showing that their latex mattresses are superior in pain relief and pressure distribution. 

Dust Mite Resistant

The natural antibiotic properties of latex and its open cell structure and excellent ventilation make it less habitable for dust mites and microbes. Hence, it provides a clean and healthy sleep environment, an ideal choice for people sensitive to allergens. Latex has natural anti-microbial properties. Some of the best benefits of latex include mould and mildew resistant, antimicrobial, and resistant to fungus. This ensures an allergen and toxic-free sleeping environment, resulting in a healthier sleep.

Non Toxic & No EMF

Sofzsleep® metal-free mattress is the safest choice against electromagnetic radiation (EMF). EMF may cause restless sleeping and other adverse effects such as lower immune systems, concentration difficulty, headaches, etc. We share your concern that toxic chemicals may cause a lot of harm to us. That is why we insist on using only premium latex that is thoroughly washed, processed and tested to comply with the OekoTex Standard 100.